Unlike my Penny Dreadful review, there are far too many spoilers that could ruin your viewing, so my review will be general, but brief. And I promise, no spoilers.

Peaky Blinders Season ThreeJust in case you had the Season Three jitters about what they would do with the show now that it’s getting a on in years, have no fear. They delivered to the maximum of their abilities for violent “men being men with swagger” viewing.

And, as this review and the title refer to the “swagger” style of the show, don’t you get a bit worried when that swagger gets a little too grand? Everyone is a little too successful, and a little too happy? No spoilers I promise, as I know of none, but I’m sure there will be lots of risk, and possibly some loss, this season.

The first episode was jam-packed full of drama. I’ll leave it at this: it was the wedding to end all weddings. Very Shelby family, indeed.

I’m thrilled to see Netflix didn’t cheap it and is keeping with the same, or similar quality, writers. The acting, as usual, was superb. Tad tired of the music maybe, but the show is far too much fun to care. I’ll definitely be anticipating each new episode, and I’m sure the season will warrant a rewatch in the future, just as the others have for me.